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***** Important Information for all Rosehill Ranches Homeowners - May 7, 2019 *****

To All Property Owners of Rosehill Ranches:

     Recently the property owners whose properties front Cypress Rosehill Road presented a request to amend the Rosehill Ranches Deed Restrictions to allow those properties facing Cypress Rosehill Road to sell their properties commercially with the Rosehill Ranches Architectural Control Committee (ACC) governing what type commercial businesses could exist on those properties.  After consulting a Real Estate Lawyer on the matter the ACC decided that allowing the Cypress Rosehill Road properties to sell commercially was not in the best interest of the other properties owners of Rosehill Ranches.   When Mr. and Mrs. Reed (spokespersons for the Cypress Rosehill Road properties) presented their views and amendments it was evident that they had done extensive research and did a very good job of presenting their case. 

     The ACC then held a meeting and decided to turn the matter over to the property owners of Rosehill Ranches as to whether or not to allow the Cypress Rosehill properties to sell commercially.   A petition was started to see what the property owners of Rosehill Ranches wanted and the petition shows that an overwhelming number of Rosehill Ranches property owners oppose amending the Rosehill Ranches Deed Restrictions to allow the Cypress Rosehill Road properties to sell commercially. 

     In Mr. & Mrs. Reeds presentation they stated that the same people have been on the ACC for a very long time.    The members of the ACC agree.  
The ACC is going to hold an election for new ACC members on Saturday June 15, 2019 between 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm at the Rosehill United Methodist Church.   The ACC welcomes anyone who would like to serve on the Architectural Control Committee for a period of 5 years to put their name on the ballot.    If you would like to serve on the ACC, call or text Terry Bice at 281 351 8073 (cell) by the date June 8, 2019, and let us know that you would like to serve and we will put your name on the ballot.  We will vote for the new 5 members of the ACC at the meeting at the Rosehill United Methodist Church on June 15, 2019.   You can also see a copy of this letter on the Rosehill Ranches Website at .  Please be sure to come to this meeting and vote for who you think can best serve the Rosehill Ranches Property Owners.  

     The recent actions to amend the Rosehill Ranches Deed Restrictions depleted a large part of the available monies the ACC has to work with in case of deed restriction conflicts in  the neighborhood that need legal attention.   The ACC is asking for donations to replenish our monies available to enforce our deed restrictions.   Again, there are no salaries or monies given to ACC members.   However we have to have monies for legal advice, occasionally, and for envelopes for mail outs, stamps, and labels to be made.   Please, donations need to be $50.00 or more to be effective.  Please send donations to Terry Bice, 21307 Fones Road, Tomball, TX, 77377.  Or, you can give your donations to anyone on the ACC personally.  We would encourage each home in Rosehill Ranches to try to donate to the ACC fund for monies needed to keep our neighborhood compliant with the Deed Restrictions and a neighborhood we can be proud of.


Terry Bice
Dan Schaub
Judith Hackney
Tom Collier
Billy Petty


THEFTS/ROBBERIES –   Along with the increase in traffic on the newly widened CypressRosehill Road, there could also be an increase in people looking to burglarize homes and vehicles.  Lets all keep a lookout for each other and if you see anyone suspicious, please try to get a license plate and description.  Do not try to confront anyone as they are likely armed and dangerous.  Call the Sheriff's Department @ 713-221-6000 for non-emergencies or 911 for immediate help.  Also let a member of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) know and they will alert the neighborhood.  Call Terry Bice @ 281-351-8073.  Telephone information for other ACC members is on the Contact Us page of this website.

For recent information on area crime incidents and sex offenders, click Crime Reports at the following URL and enter your address.

SPEEDING – This is a residential neighborhood and vehicles  should slow down while driving through it.  The speed limit is 30 mph unless otherwise posted.  Higher speeds endanger both people and pets.

Report violators to the Sheriff's Office  at 713-221-6000.

LOOSE DOGS – Harris County has a leash law that states the following:  Any dog or cat that is not controlled by a leash, or is not confined in a fully enclosed vehicle, or is not on the premises of the custodian with no access to a sidewalk or street is considered a stray.  The display of a vaccination tag or license tag does not change that status and the animal can be picked up by animal control officers.  
To report a stray call Harris County Animal Control at (281) 999-3191.
It is a good idea to have a tag on your pet with the pet's name, your name, phone number, and address.  Electronic tagging of your pet is highly recommended.  It is painless to the animal and could save it's life if picked up by Animal Control.


It is the mission of the Architectural Control Committee:

 To serve the community as a sounding board and to uphold the deed restrictions.  

We hope that anyone in the neighborhood that has a concern will contact one of the committee members.  The Committee is also asking for donations to maintain a fund to be used for the benefit of the neighborhood.  Information on contributing to this fund is available on the Contact Page of this website.