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Cypress Rosehill Existing Stormwater Detention Basin

​The existing detention basin, located on the east side of Cypress Rosehill Road between Burkhardt and Seidel Cemetery roads, provides about 44-acre feet (appx 14 million gallons) of storage to mitigate the impacts from improving Cypress Rosehill Road whose runoff flows into the Willow Creek watershed..  Notice the water runoff flowing thru the Rosehill Ranches Subdivision "canal" is now connected to the detention basin via dual 10'x5' RCBs. (Reinforced Concrete Boxes)

Cypress Rosehill Stormwater Detention Basin Project Area Map.

The Cypress Rosehill Stormwater Detention Basin (Harris County Flood Control District Unit M528-01-00-E002) project focuses on reducing flooding risks in the Willow Creek watershed by safely storing excess stormwater during heavy rain events and slowly releasing it back into the bayou when the threat of flooding has passed.


Harris County Flood Control District Meeting Report - June 27, 2019

Highlights of the HCFCD meeting held at the Tomball Community Center on June 27, 2019 included expanding the Cypress Rosehill Stormwater Detention Basin by 25 acres to the east adding capacity for temporary storage in the retention basin.

Cypress Rosehill Proposed Stormwater Detention Basin

The basin will be expanded onto an adjacent 25-acre tract of land that will ultimately provide approximately 140 acre-feet (about 46 million gallons) of storm water storage to benefit the Willow Creek watershed.  Total allocation for this project is currently $3.4 million as listed on the 2018 Flood Control Bond Project List. This project will be funded with bonds approved by Harris County voters on August 25, 2018, and total project costs are under development at this time. HCFCD expects to advertise for construction bids for the $3.4 million project in September, and construction will take about 180 days to complete.

(1 acre foot = a volume of water 1 foot deep by one acre in area)

What is a Stormwater Detention Basin?

Stormwater detention basins are a place to store damaging flood waters temporarily until the channels can safely carry the water away.  As flat as Harris County is, most of our stormwater storage must be excavated.  The Flood Control District uses stormwater detention extensively to reduce the risk of flooding throughout the county.  Flood Control District basins are typically large regional facilities that may be several hundred acres in size.  New developments often use stormwater detention to offset or mitigate the negative effect development may have on flooding (due to covering up soil with buildings and concrete and speeding up the rate water runs off an area).

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Rosehill Ranches has a new Facebook Group Page !!!

The need for a real time communication vehicle in Rosehill Ranches has long been apparent.  A closed Facebook grouphas been created to help fill this need.  The group is called Rosehill Ranches Subdivision.  It is a closed group which means anyone can see the group header, but unless they are a member of the group, cannot see the members or the messages.  Membership is open only to residents of the Rosehill Ranches Subdivision, by invitation or by request. One must be a Facebook member to access the group but this should not be an obstacle as membership is free and requires little personal information to join.  Go to  to create a Facebook account or go directly to the Rosehill Ranches Subdivision group page if you are already a Facebook member.  All residents are encouraged to join the group, invite your neighbors and Communicate! 

Natural Gas for Rosehill Ranches??

​Residents may have noticed utility work along Rosehill Church Rd, Burkhardt Rd, and Cypress-Rosehill Rd.  EPCOR, formerly Hughes Natural Gas is installing natural gas pipelines.  If enough residents express interest in the service, EPCOR will extend the gas lines into the subdivision for connection to individual homes.  

"Any residents interested in gas service should give us a call at 281-766-1295. Or email me at

Feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks!

We need to have people in the neighborhood call or text if interested in gas."

Contact EPCOR direct for more information about their company and services:

​Customer service

Phone: (281) 766-1290
Toll-free: 1-866-601-3507


Neighborhood Watch –  Neighborhood security depends on vigilance by alert residents.  If suspicious or unusual activity is observed, do not try to confront anyone as they may be armed and dangerous.  Call the Sheriff's Department @ 713-221-6000 for non-emergencies or 911 for immediate help.  Also let a member of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) know and they will alert the neighborhood.  Call Terry Bice @ 281-351-8073.  Telephone information for other ACC members is on the Contact Us page of this website.

For recent information on area crime incidents and sex offenders, click Crime Reports at the following URL and enter your address.

SPEEDING – This is a residential neighborhood and vehicles  should slow down while driving through it.  The speed limit is 30 mph unless otherwise posted.  Higher speeds endanger both people and pets.

Report violators to the Sheriff's Office  at 713-221-6000.

LOOSE DOGS – Harris County has a leash law that states the following:  Any dog or cat that is not controlled by a leash, or is not confined in a fully enclosed vehicle, or is not on the premises of the custodian with no access to a sidewalk or street is considered a stray.  The display of a vaccination tag or license tag does not change that status and the animal can be picked up by animal control officers.  
To report a stray call Harris County Animal Control at (281) 999-3191.
It is a good idea to have a tag on your pet with the pet's name, your name, phone number, and address.  Electronic tagging of your pet is highly recommended.  It is painless to the animal and could save it's life if picked up by Animal Control.